Job Vacancy - Duty Manager

Queensgate Duty Manager

We’re looking for a highly motivated individual who has excellent customer service skills, and a strong work ethic to oversee the Centre’s late night and weekend operations.
The ideal candidate will have exceptional verbal and written communication skills, time management and prioritising skills.

We are currently recruiting a Duty Manager to cover the following hours:

  • Saturday’s 8.45am – 6.15pm
  • Alternative Thursday Late Night 5.15pm – 9:15pm

You will be one of two Duty Managers, which will allow some flexibility around leave and time off.

General tasks include:

  • Ensuring the Centre is presented to a high standard for our customers
  • Efficient and timely responses and resolution of customer enquires
  • Escalation point for our Customer Service team
  • Completion of the Duty Manager shift report
  • Other tasks as requested by the Centre Management Team
  • Liaising with retailers and customers

If you believe you possess the character and attributes to be successful in the role please send your CV or questions to: Nadine.Higgins@strideproperty.co.nz