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Spring Summer Fashion 18/19 Fashion Magazine

Spring Summer 18/19 Has Landed!

We are saying goodbye to Winter and welcoming Spring with refreshing new styles dropping in Centre, including lots of new colour palettes! This season we welcome the street style look – think playful and vibrant teamed up with structured shapes and textures. Fabrics have moved from warm and heavy to relaxed and light, breathable and flowy, adorned with look-at-me prints and floral embellishments.

Vibrant colours are now the dominant shades to welcome spring blooms. Stripes and frills gear up the play, and playful and eye-catching accessories complete it all by making your overall outfit shine!

Join us as we explore Spring Summer 18/19 and how you can totally make it work for your wardrobe!

Pretty in Prints

Now that we have said goodbye to the cold and bleak weather we can celebrate the new season with colourful prints and retro floral patterns!

Compliment Spring blooms by wearing block colours that say 'look at me!'. It’s all about showcasing colour this season, so be bold and make a statement with playful prints.

Explore unique textures and pops of vibrant colours to take you from dull to daring, making you ready for Spring Summer!

It's All About The Denim

Denim will always remain a staple item, never going out of style. In other words, it’s a timeless piece. Versatile, the look can be worn in the form of a dress, jacket or even featured in a pair of shoes! Denim pairs up nicely with any pair of heels or flat wear, as well as accommodating to all sorts of textures and colours. This spring summer, whether they are curve hugging or slimming and rigid, denim is working its way through in refreshing forms! Find your denim friend in our Spring Summer 18/19 launch.

Light Layers

As the weather lightens so too does the wardrobe. Explore lighter fabrics this season and layer them to create stylish yet comfortable outfits. Expect linen blends and feminine fabrics this spring summer and take advantage of the sunshine by bathing in soft lightweight threads.

The advantage of lightweight layering is that by adding just one or two layers to your look, you can accentuate the key item of wear without weighing down on style. Be it a black laced key item camisole paired with a smart casual linen blazer finished off with a linen cotton blend wide leg trouser and the cutest pair of bright coloured block heels. The result? Layered chic on point!


Accessories are always the icing on the cake for any wardrobe. There is no better timing to show off your shades than when the sun shines and your eyes need some cover wear! This season calls for the accessories to shine as the statement pieces. Think big black Nicole Richie shades or Meaghan Markle tortoise shell style with a bit of a retro twist, or cats eye sunglasses to stand out of the crowd. As for earrings, think flowery hoops and vibrant tassels, and glittered metals. Now is the time to use the sun to enhance the colours of spring and summer! The brighter the better!

Black Is Always in Vogue

Black will always stay in, it is another one of those timeless styles that is a MUST in everyone’s wardrobe. Why? Because you can pair black with anything, showcase it in difference textures or colours and the overall look shouts YES. Whether it’s a sheer, balloon sleeved blouse, satin suit shorts, or an off the shoulder cocktail dress, black brings sophistication to the spring summer look. Team black up with playful prints or bright coloured accessories to collaborate fun and chic. Find your black staple items now!